From stripped screw extraction to line boring or complex lathework, Maxsimizer Welding LLC offers a wide variety of machining services. All the work is done by highly skilled professionals and held to the highest standards. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a greater degree of precision in our price range.

Broken Bolt removal

Frustrated by a broken bolt or stripped screw? Don’t let it slow you down! Our machining experts will make quick work of these annoying obstacles.

Mill and Lathe Machining

Need to resurface industrial or farming equipment? We offer quality lathework and millwork at competitive prices, performed by experienced technicians. Using state-of-the-art equipment, Maxsimizer Welding LLC can meet almost any production requirement.

Exhaust Manifold Machining

Struggling to get an exhaust manifold fit onto a machine and milled smooth? Let the experts handle it! Maxsimizer Welding LLC can process any type of exhaust, made of any standard materials.

Pin/Bushing Line Boring

Worn holes in your machinery? Get them welded up and/or replaced quickly and efficiently. We use automatic bore welders for boring holes into surfaces to a high degree of precision, so that they fit any bushing or pin.