From on-site parts repair to custom component refurbishment, Maxsimizer Welding LLC is able to meet the fabrication needs of almost any client. Our specialty is quick and efficient repair and retrofitting of buckets, blades, or teeth on skid-steer loaders, excavators, and dozers.

If your requirements are more complex than that, do not hesitate to ask. Our engineers have the knowledge, skills, and experience obtained through years of work on highly demanding fabrication projects.

Bucket/Blade Repair

Like any other kind of machinery, excavator buckets and dozer blades can break down from heavy use and corrosion. Prevent construction delays by getting an AW&F team on the ground! We’ll assess the damage before fabricating and welding the necessary replacement parts.

ROPS Repair

Our technicians are fully accredited to work on Roll-Over Protection Structures (ROPS), performing all necessary repairs and maintenance. Minimize your downtime by relying on this cost-effective alternative to full replacement.